Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dialogue (Giving Compliment)

Aurelia Adryana
Tiara Pradita O

Tiara    : Hi,Aurel!
Aurel   : Hi,Tiara! What a beautiful skirt you wearing.
Tiara    : Thanks! I bought it with my mother yesterday.
Aurel   : Nice. I need to go,have a nice day!
Tiara    : Me too,bye!

About Me

Haii! my name is Tiara Pradita Oktapiani, My nickname is Tiara. I was born 06 october 1999. I'm 15 years old, My school is in 3 Senior High School Bandung, back before i student in 2 Junior High Scholl, My hobbies listening music.

About my sublings i have 1 big sister,1 little Brother and 1 little sister, My big sister name is Rias Rianti, my big sister was born 2 September 1994. My big sister 21years old and My little Brother name is Azmi Hanif Saputra, my litttle brother was born 02 april 2006,my little brother 9 years old.And My little sister name is Poppy Wulan Nuraini, my little sister was born 1 November 2011. My little sister 4 years old.

I chose the class of IPS because i want to continue to the University of  Padjajaran. i chose the faculty of management,Because of the faculty of management usually graduate from ips and is supposedto be a graduate of the IPS.

In my Senior High School. I jointed that JEPRET, she jepret the corricular about photographing, the reason i want to go see jepret because i like taking pictures and want to know the ways to take a right and i join MK(Mucis Classic) the reason i'm the curricular of the constutional court because i loved to sing even though the sound i ain't good and i want to study music.