Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dufan Trip

On Monday,26th October morning me and all the social class gathering at 3 Senior High School We are going to have a trip to dufan, jakarta. We went by bus. I sat with Gatra,Shafara,Fayra and Aurel at the backseat. On The way to Dufan the bus stopped at the rest area one time. During the trip, we're look so happy. We sang, we told stories and some riddles, and many more.

We arrived the weather was hot but we still had spirit to try all of the rides. First, me, Gatra, Shafara, Fayra, Aurel, Seno, Khairi, and Habib rode Hysteria. It was so scary and thrilling. The next one, we rode Kora-kora. I love kora-kora because it feels like we're on a boat on a stormy seas. After playing kora-kora, we chose to try ontang-anting. Ontang-anting is like a giant swings that's always spinnig. Because it is always spinning, we feel dizzy. It was scary because it feels like we're flying. After that we tried a ride that always exist in every theme park in the world, roller coaster. The roller coaster in Dufan named halilintar. We felt a little bit nauseous because it  spins 360 degrees. Then, we went to my favourite ride,  pontang-panting. I think it's extremely fun but, my friend didn't like it because after playing pointing-panting she felt dizzy and nauseous. After playing pontang-panting, we rode some other rides. And the last one is Ice Age. It is new at Dufan and it's also fun. So it's like riding a boat in north pole  and it's cold but when we got to the Mesozoikum area, it got warmer.The most exciting part is when the boat went down the stream really fast and we got wet.

Then after this happy day, we had to go home. We gathered in front of the carousele and the teachers checked the student's presence. After it is complete, we got on the bus and went home to Bandung. It was an exciting and also tiring day

My New Friend

Hii! My name is Tiara Pradita Oktapiani and i'm going to tell you about my new friend.
Her name is Shafara Agnia, she is my new class mate. She is from 18 junior high school. Her birthday is on june 25th. She has short black hair and she wear glasses. In a free time of lessons shafara and i used to go to "Kopgur"(canteen in my school) and bought foods and drinks. The unique side of her is her laugh. Her voice sounds funny everytime she laughs.

Shafara joined the extracurriculer Softbal, because she is good playing it. Ok that's all thank you!