Thursday, December 17, 2015

Where Visits in Bandung

In bandung there is a street named Braga Street. In Braga there is many restaurants, bar, cafe, and others. The Buildings are not renovated, its the Dutch architecture so the atmosphere is like we are in ancient centuries. In Braga street was built a mall named Braga Citywalk and hotels named Aston, Fave Hotel, and Genoveruchi. Every sunday will be held Car Free Night. All motorcycle can't enter the street from 6 until 12 at late at night must go there, why? because its the only street that you can nostalgic the old time.

People take pictures in Braga Street's building because people in Bandung loves to take a photo in unique and autenthic buildings. And the food  recipe is not change. The most famous restaurant is Braga Permai because it has been there since the Dutch colonialism. 

Many Tourists has come to Braga Street because if youre not visit the Braga Street then you are not visiting Bandung.