Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Trip To Kampung Naga

On Tuesday (9/5) Me and my friends went to Kampung Naga that located in Garut, for studied Sociology and Economics. We have to be on SMAN 3 Bandung at 06.00.

We went there by a bus. But we just went there at 07.00 AM to Candi Cangkuang first. On the road, the 'tour guide' gave us food to eat.

In Candi Cangkuang we listened to its history and saw a museum too.

After that we went to eat at Racik Desa.

After we ate, we continued our trip to Kampung Naga. It takes about 1 and a half hour to get there. When we arrived we took pictures and met the tour guide of Kampung Naga. But to get to the actual Kampung Naga we must walk through about 439 stairs. after we arrived at village, we gave many information about history of Kampung Naga. we saw scenery of kampung naga, traditional houses in there, and many more. 

in there, i saw the difference between kampung naga and other village.

i felt so happy to visited kampung naga and cangkuang temple, i hope i can visited again.

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